Facility Management

GCC is your one solution for all your facility’s needs; No matter your sector, you can count on the experts’ services provided by GCC to deliver and manage tasks in a way that goes above your expectations.

Operating Services

Our services go far beyond those offered by more traditional operation staffing companies :

  • Receptionist : Knowing the far-reaching importance of receptionists as being the first contact points of the clients, we offer highly-trained professionals with friendly attitudes and the ability to multitask to serve as corporate receptionists with both verbal and written communication skills, customer service and interpersonal expertise.
  • Security : A leading provider of integrated security services aiming at keeping all our clients safe and their businesses secure. We offer an array of security services including bespoke security services custom-built to your requirements.
  • Resident concierge or janitor : Our highly trained staff receive comprehensive training in assisting all the needs of your staff and your residents alike, offering a myriad of services that say ‘quality living’.
  • Cleaners : Our dedicated employees make the best partner for residential and commercial cleaning in the safest and most cost-effective method of cleaning to ensure the highest quality of service.
  • Pest Control for common areas : Our approach ensures we have a local presence nearby, supporting our residential and commercial customers with their pest control needs. Some of the types of pests our experts deal with includes bed bugs, flies, fleas, moths, textile pests and rodents.


Building insurances: Our residential and commercial building insurance specialists will assist you to detect gaps in your insurance coverage and develop a cost-effective, all-inclusive plan personalized to your properties. And we have the resources, know-how and experience to help you overcome problems if they do arise.

Elevators insurances: A highly-trained team deeply familiar with the unique risks and exposures of elevators offering a comprehensive insurance plans for lifts.

Concierge insurance: A unique insurance service centered on the risk management needs of high net worth clients for their personal and commercial insurance requirements.


Spare parts and consumables: GCC supplies and mounts the right parts and consumables at the best price in order to keep your plant running smoothly every day.

Property Management

GCC offers an array of services aiming at developing and maintaining the premises such as Finance and Accounting, Corporate Services and Legal Services and procurement with Supervision site visits.

Yearly Sub-Contractors Maintenance

  • Entrances Doors and Barriers : GCC provides the repair and installation of entrance doors and barriers for both the commercial and industrial sectors.
  • Elevators maintenance and repair : We offer high quality lift solutions whether you need a preventive routine maintenance check or a major repair.
  • Generators : Our experience and extensive knowledge allow us to service and repair all makes and models of generators. Our routine inspections, preventive maintenance and generator repair services give you piece of mind because you know you can count on your generator and backup power supply system.
  • Extinguishers Maintenance and Refill : Our list of services includes fire extinguisher routine inspections, recharging, and maintenance to keep your building up to code.